Vitro, by Jessica Khoury

vitroJessica shares this review:

Seventeen-year-old Sophie Crue lives the life of any normal teenager…she argues with her father, questions her parents’ divorce, and has a bit of trouble fitting in with her step-mom and half siblings. But everything changes when Sophie receives a mysterious and alarming email from her mother. According to the note her mother is in trouble and needs her help immediately. Sophie doesn’t think twice before hoping on a plane and heading to Guam, her childhood home, the one she shared with her parents when they were still married and working together as doctors. But from the moment she lands things start to go wrong. None of the local pilots will fly her out to the feared and isolated Skin Island her mother works on. In fact, none of them will say a word about it, other than a warning to steer clear.

When Sophie finally finds a young and daring pilot who might accept, she realizes he is her best friend from childhood, Jim Julian…though in a very grown-up and attractive form. He begrudgingly agrees to the trip but when they land on Skin Island he immediately knows they’ve made a terrible decision. Sophie’s mother is nowhere in sight and there’s no indication she was expecting them…not to mention the plane was damaged on landing by something on the landing strip.  As they branch from the plane and get closer to the islands activity hub they stumble upon an even more startling discovery. The scientists are experimenting on human embryos, and creating Vitros; humans that have been altered and raised in tanks until their teenage years when they emerge fully grown. But as more and more questions begin to arise and the danger for Sophie and Jim becomes all too apparent the reader has to ask…how will these two ever survive all that the island and the morally questionable Corpus company has to throw at them?

Also, check out Khoury’s previously published YA novel, Origin.

Check the WRL catalog for Vitro.

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