13 Little Blue Envelopes, by Maureen Johnson

13 little blue envelopesJessica shares this review:

This fun, light and entertaining read is a great choice for anyone looking for a sweet and enjoyable journey. Meet Virginia Blackstone, aka Ginny. She’s a shy and reserved seventeen year old girl living your everyday, ordinary life. But then she receives a very special envelope with detailed instructions that changes everything. Ginny herself isn’t particularly surprised by the note but instead, the sender, her late Aunt. An eccentric, vivacious and carefree artist Ginny’s aunt lived for the moment and when they were together Ginny always felt like a different person, someone lively and outgoing, not afraid to try new things or just be herself. But that was two years ago, before Aunt moved away to London on a whim with only a note beneath her doormat. And now, Ginny has just opened Envelope #1 (of 13) with a list of instructions, rules and a good chunk of cash. After months of begging her parents Ginny is finally allowed to follow the letter, despite its questionable orders. She is to buy a plane ticket to London and a backpack. She can’t bring any additional luggage, travel guides, language dictionaries or money. Then she must take the tube to a specified location and locate a specific house. Only after she’s completed the tasks in each envelope can she open the next. And so begins a journey across Europe for a shy and reserved teenage girl, on her own, with only a set of letters to guide her and the hope that her aunt wasn’t as completely hapless and crazed as some believed. What emerges is a lovely story full of adventure and exciting, wonderful people. Truly a feel good read!

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