Legend, by Marie Lu

legendTabor shares this review:

Legend is a masterfully done Young Adult novel constructed attentively with the theme of ignorance vs. knowledge implemented through the two central characters. Lu composes a refreshing story by creating characters with their own set of loyalties and ideas. Even though both come from different economic backgrounds Lu utilizes their similar characteristics of stubbornness and intelligence to form an unlikely bond. The growth of both June and Day is an amazing feat accomplished by Lu as she takes them both through a series of emotionally devastating circumstances and complex decisions to resolve the story. At its finest Legend is a satisfying fill that has a better ending than Divergent’s.

Written by Marie Lu, Legend is a dystopian novel situated in a futuristic United States called The Republic and follows the intertwining narratives of June Iparis and Daniel Wing. Born into an elite family, June Iparis is a fifteen-year-old prodigy who is being preened for a successful career and life within the Republic’s military. Contrary is Daniel Wing, who goes by Day, and was born into the slums of the Republic where he became their most wanted criminal. These characters under normal circumstances would never have met but what happens when they do unfolds a tantalizing and intriguing story. The catalyst for their encounter occurs when June’s brother is murdered and Day becomes the prime suspect. Driven by grief, June commands the story with her determination to seek revenge by finding Day and making him pay for her brother’s death. The only problem with this intent is that Day’s motives may not be as malevolent as the Republic portrays. Legend unfolds from this and engrosses the reader as they soon understand that the Republic’s biggest mistake was allowing June and Day to ever meet.

The Republic is a futuristic dystopian version of the U.S.A that is at war with itself. North America has been separated into fractions: the all ruling Republic and the Colonies who serve them. A rebel group called the Patriots is another component in the story as they seek to free themselves from their totalitarian government. This backdrops serves to contrast the main characters: June and Day as they are pitted against each other as poster children for each of the fractions.

June Iparis is a military prodigy having scored a perfect score on her Trial, a test that determines a person’s mental and physical capabilities and how they can serve their Republic. June is sharp-witted and noted for having a taste for trouble at her military college. Since her parents died in a car crash when she was younger her only family is her brother Metias who serves as the last shred of familiarity in June’s world and drives her out of her world when he is murdered.

Day in his youth earned a reputation as a troublemaker but it is only when he fails his Trial did the Republic decide to interfere. Failing his Trial meant that Day is sent into the Republic’s work camps that actually turn out to be labs experimenting on the children who failed their Trials. After serving his purpose in the camps, Day was left to die but instead of doing so Day survived and decided to take revenge on the system that left him to die. With his thirteen-year-old sidekick: Tess, Day uses his intelligence and skills to create chaos for the Republic.

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