The Maze Runner, by James Dashner

The_Maze_Runner_coverJessica shares this review:

When Thomas comes to in the box he can’t remember anything…not his hometown, not his family, not his school, not even his age. He is utterly lost and confused when the box opens and he’s suddenly surrounded by a group of unknown teenage boys in an alien environment. They introduce themselves as “the Gladers”. Much to Thomas’s shock they can’t remember anything about themselves either prior to arriving in the glade. The area itself is large and flat consisting of a homestead, farming fields, a butcher, an eating space and much to Thomas’s dismay, a graveyard.  The glade is surrounded by large concrete walls decked in ivy. They open each morning and close each evening. Beyond the walls, in all four directions is an incredibly large and complex maze. The boys have spent the last two years looking for a way out, hoping to somehow solve the maze with its shifting walls and deadly creatures. But as of yet, they’ve had no success. Every thirty days a new boy is delivered to the glade. But Thomas’s arrival signals a change and the next few days bring more surprises than the boys could ever have prepared for. A mysterious comatose girl arrives with a startling message, the runners make new discoveries and Thomas begins to get the feeling he knows much more about the maze and the glade than he should. Frustration and confusion surround each day and Thomas starts to wonder how the boys will ever escape the maze…and if it’s meant to be escapable at all.  But overshadowing the entirety of the novel are the questions…who would put them here? And why?
Side note: This book has been adapted into a film and will debut in September 2014.

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