Pawn, by Aimee Carter

Pawn-by-Aimee-CarterJessica shares this review:

Pawn is the first in a new series from Aimee Carter, author of the Goddess Test. Set in a dystopian, futuristic United States this novel follows the popular trend of a strong female character that begins as an underdog and through unthinkable circumstances has a chance to change her fate. Kitty Doe has just received some very bad news. She’s a III. Not an average IV or a rarer V or VI, but a III. And in a hierarchal society where the number you achieve on a nationwide exam determines the rest of your life a III can only mean an existence of menial work and struggle. Hurt, disgraced and angry Kitty decides to leave the group home where she was raised (due to the law that all second children of IV’s and below must be taken from their parents and either raised in such a home or sent Elsewhere) and head for an illegal “club”. However, things take a turn for the extreme when she is taken by the family of the country’s Prime Minister and offered the rarest of opportunities. She can become a VII, a rank given only to those of the ruling family. But there’s a catch; she must take on the identity of Lila Hart, the Prime Minister’s niece. Lila died in a questionable way and the country is to be none the wiser. As long as Kitty plays by their rules, and is to be Masked (an intense surgical procedure) she can live the life others can only dream of.  But nothing is at seems and beautiful Lila was actually at the heart of a rebellion to overthrow her own family’s regime. Kitty must decide…should she simply play the part of innocent Lila in the hopes the cruel Hart family will allow her to live, or, should she follow a more dangerous path, and continue the uprising the real Lila began?

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