Legend, by Marie Lu

legendMelissa shares this review:

Legend is told in alternating chapters by Day and June.

Day is a boy from the poor part of town. He is wanted by the Republic for a variety of crimes—sabotaging military equipment and supplies; distributing stolen money, food, and medicine to the poor; cooperating with the Patriots, the rebels fighting against the Republic; and killing a young Republic officer. Not all of those charges are true.

June is a promising young Republic soldier. She has no reason to doubt anything about her life in the Republic until her brother is killed. She is given the special order to use any means to capture his killer—the notorious Day. June is good at her job. But instead of finding peace, she begins to doubt much of what the Republic has told her.

I really liked the main characters. Day and June are both good people, trying to do the right thing. But their perceptions of what is the right thing are influenced by their circumstances—either growing up poor and being oppressed by the government or growing up privileged and believing in the government as taught in school and on the huge JumboTron screens.

Lu does a great job creating the dystopian world of the Republic. There are just enough hints that things haven’t always been this way to keep you reading for more clues.

Legend is the first in a trilogy and would be a good read-alike for the popular Hunger Games.

Check the WRL catalog for Legend.

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