Beatle Meets Destiny, by Gabrielle Williams

beatle meets destinyJennifer D. shares this review:

Beatle’s real name is John Lennon. For obvious reasons, everyone calls him Beatle. As the title suggests, Beatle meets a girl named Destiny. For a guy who describes himself as superstitious that would be reason enough to take notice, but her last name is McCartney— as in Paul. Beatle and Destiny keep running into each other at random places and Beatle is sure they are being drawn together by fate, much like the greatest song writing duo of all time. Unfortunately, Beatle already has a girlfriend. Cilla, in addition to being his girlfriend, is also the best friend of his twin sister, Winsome. If you think that sounds complicated, wait until the story really gets going. There are a lot of plot threads in this book, but they are all interesting, funny, and enjoyable. There is a curbside trash-to-treasure art project gone awry, a stalker, an eccentric mother who makes star charts, an astrology column, a stroke, a documentary, and a secret romance, just to name a few. Not to mention a few major misunderstandings. Pick up this book for the relationship drama, but read it for the quirky characters, unbelievable situations, and offbeat plot.

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