The Clearing, by Heather Davis

ClearingJennifer D. shares this review:

Amy has had a rough year. Her boyfriend, Matt, hasn’t been treating her very well, and now he has left her for her best friend. She needs to get away, and her mother’s solution is to send her to her great-aunt Mae’s house in the country for an extended visit. Amy thought she’d be fine with that, but she soon finds that country life isn’t that different from city life. Most of the students at her new high school are just as gossipy, the boys behave just as badly as Matt, and the girls aren’t any friendlier than her ex-best friend. Luckily, the country does provide some solitude when she needs to escape.

Behind Mae’s house is a clearing, beyond which lies a thick mist which never seems to dissipate. While wandering one day, Amy meets Henry, who is everything the kids at school are not. He’s polite, friendly, and doesn’t seem to want anything from her. Amy finds that she can be at ease around Henry, and their meetings in the clearing become something she can look forward to. She wonders why they never meet at school or in town, but what Amy doesn’t know is that Henry’s home beyond the clearing exists in a pocket of time in which it is still 1944. Henry and Amy’s relationship develops, but Henry is always wary of Amy’s spending too much time in his world, since it has taken him quite a bit of effort to maintain it. Henry must decide what is more important, his reasons for staying in 1944 or his desire to be with Amy.

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