Thirteen Days to Midnight, by Patrick Carman

thirteenJennifer D. shares this review:

Jacob Fielding cannot be killed. As the story begins, Jacob has just survived what should have been a fatal car accident. His foster father is killed, and just before impact his final words to Jacob are, “You are indestructible.” With those words, Jacob seems to be given a gift, and he cannot be harmed in any way. Things take a turn when he writes those same words on the cast of the girl he has a crush on, Ophelia. His invincibility seems to be passed on to her, when shortly thereafter she survives a nasty skateboarding accident. He confides in Ophelia and his best friend Milo that he believes these words are the key to his power and that he can transfer it to those in need. With Ophelia and Milo now sharing his secret, the three set out to test the limits of his power and put it to good use.

Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished. Although they try to use Jacob’s indestructibility for good and to save those in danger, they realize that there is a terrible side effect to preventing death. Jacob is sending his power out to others more and more, and giving it to Ophelia more often as well. Ophelia’s personality begins to change, and she becomes obsessed with using the power to protect herself and as many people as possible. Soon Ophelia becomes a danger to herself and to everyone else, and it is up to Jacob and Milo to determine what this power really does, where it comes from, and how to bring Ophelia back.

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