The Body Finder, by Kimberly Derting

bodyfinderJennifer D. shares this review: Violet Ambrose is the body finder. The bodies of dead animals and people call out to her. Sometimes she hears a sound, sometimes she sees an aura, sometimes she notices a smell, but she can always locate the dead. She can even locate their killers. Those who have killed something, or someone, in their lives bear a signature as well. Police officers, hunters, her mouse-hungry cat—marks on those are to be expected—but there are others who stand out to Violet for a much darker reason. On one of the last nice days before Fall sets in, Violet’s relaxing day at the lake takes a turn when she comes across the body of a girl from the next town. Then girls from her own town and her own school begin to go missing. Violet knows there is a chance she could help find the killer. Even though her uncle is the chief of police, and she trusts him to do his job, only her best friend Jay can keep her from setting off on a personal investigation of the crime. Besides, there is the Homecoming dance to worry about, and the feelings she may or may not have for Jay, who may or may not feel something in return. High school is hard enough without a murderer on the loose. Although our heroine does have a preternatural ability, this book reads more like a murder mystery than a supernatural fantasy. There are missing girls, a police investigation, and persons of interest. Author Kimberly Derting even gives us a few passages from the murderer’s point of view, which heightens the suspense. Check the WRL catalog for The Body Finder.

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