As You Wish, by Jackson Pearce

as you wishJennifer D. shares this review:

In As You Wish, by Jackson Pearce,Viola is having a hard time getting over her last break-up. Her ex didn’t callously dump her and never speak to her again–that, she might have been able to handle. Instead, her boyfriend of two years and best friend of even longer told her that he’s gay. They are still best friends, but Viola feels like she doesn’t fit in at school anymore. She’s no longer Lawrence’s girlfriend, so who is she now? She wants to feel like she belongs again. So, sitting in Shakespeare class, pondering her problems, Viola makes a wish. She really means it, and really wants it; “I wish I didn’t feel invisible.” We have all had wishes run through our heads, but Viola gets lucky and an actual genie comes to her aid.

Viola calls him Jinn, since genies don’t have names, and he promises to grant her three wishes. He’ll even be nice about it and not try to trick her or grant her wishes in ways she didn’t intend. All he wants is for her to be quick about the wishing. Genies age on Earth, and the longer he spends with Viola the older he will become. Jinn is anxious to return to his home, called Caliban, but Viola wants to get her wishes right and is taking her time about it. This gives Jinn a chance to become more familiar with Earth, and for him to get to know Viola better. Ultimately, they get used to having each other around, and Jinn grows to like Earth better than Caliban. After all, Earth is where Viola is. Sparks are flying, but Jinn has a mission and he is shirking his wish-granting duties. He’ll have to answer for that, and for his growing feelings for Viola.

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