Snap, by Carol Snow

snapJennifer D. shares this review:

Madison’s parents are dragging her to the beach over summer vacation. That doesn’t sound all that bad, does it? Well, Sandyland isn’t much of a beach, and Madison would rather spend her time with her friends at home. She has a great sophomore year planned and can’t wait to work as a photographer for the school paper. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a short vacation while her dad did a quick contracting job in Sandyland has turned into something very different. Her father’s job is taking longer than expected, her mother is looking for work, and her friends back home say there is an “Up for Auction” sign out on her lawn.

Making the best of things, Madison heads to the beach with her camera. When she drops it in the sand, and must get it repaired at the local “Psychic Photo,” two things happen. Madison begins to make friends with some local teens she meets at the shop, people she never would have looked at twice at home. Also, people begin to show up in her pictures who weren’t there when she took the picture. She and her friends are able to identify the woman in the first picture, but strangely, she has just died. Can her camera foretell death? And will Madison be stuck in Sandyland forever? This isn’t how Madison was supposed to spend her summer vacation.

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