Devoured, by Amanda Marrone

devouredJennifer D. shares this review:

What if fairy tales were real? Specifically, what if the story of Snow White was true? As Devoured begins, we find that there really was a Snow White, a wicked step mother, a magic mirror, a huntsman, and a prince. There was also a terrible legacy left to the descendants of both Snow White and the huntsman, in the form of a wish unknowingly granted to the wicked stepmother. With that groundwork laid, Marrone proceeds to a present day setting, and the story of a young girl named Megan.

Megan has had a tragic life. At age seven, she was in a car crash with her father and twin sister. Her father never regained consciousness, and her sister, Remy, died. Her mother has emotionally abandoned her, and spends all her time training for dance contests with the family dog. To make matters spooky, Megan is still visited by her sister, who shows her disturbing visions and gives her mysterious messages. Remy’s paranormal activity is amped up when Megan gets a job at the local theme park, Enchanted Land. All Megan wants to do at Enchanted Land is make some money, and keep an eye on her boyfriend and his “we’re just good friends” best friend Samantha. Unfortunately, Remy has other ideas. Remy warns Megan that someone will be killed, and shows her the image of a young girl with her heart cut out. Combine that familiar fictional murder method with the fact that the theme park owner has a talking mirror in her office and Marrone has herself a modern-day grim fairy tale.

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