Wondrous Strange, by Lesley Livingston

wondrousMelissa shares this review:

Livingston creates an engaging, quick fantasy with a satisfying touch of romance in this novel.

Kelley Winslow is a 17-year-old actress working as an understudy in an off-off-off-off Broadway production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She gets her lucky break when the lead actress busts her ankle and Kelley has to step in and play the fairy queen Titania. Turns out the part fits Kelley more accurately than she expected.

Sonny Flannery is a mortal who was stolen by faeries many years ago. He now serves as a guard for the king of the Unseelie Court, Auberon. When he runs across Kelley practicing her part in Central Park, he is almost convinced she is part fae. After she saves a kelpie from drowning, he is certain she’s something from that Otherworld.

As Kelley and Sonny unravel the mysteries surrounding her past, they feel a growing attraction. But with dark treachery threatening the mortal world, they can’t spend much time pursuing a relationship.

This book, told from both Kelley’s and Sonny’s points of view, weaves legends of faeries cleverly into present day and develops the sweet beginning of a love story. Thankfully, Livingston continues Kelley’s adventures in Darklight.

Check the WRL catalog for Wondrous Strange.

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