Wake, by Lisa McMann

Wake_by_lisa_mcmannJennifer D. shares this review:

People often wish they could know what others are thinking, but what if you could see the dreams of others? How would you cope with seeing the subconscious of your best friend, worst enemy, or crush acted out in front of your eyes?

Janie has been able to see dreams since December 23, 1996. She was eight years old, riding the bus with her mother, when she entered the dream of another bus passenger. It was a classic bad dream: the dreamer is unprepared for a presentation and discovers that they are standing in front of a group of people wearing only their underwear. This is only the first of many times that she is drawn into the dream of another.

Janie can become a part of any dreamer’s dream, but while inside, she can only act as a spectator, and cannot manipulate what she experiences. She becomes trapped in the dream until it reaches a conclusion or the sleeper wakes. In the physical world, she is paralyzed, unable to control herself or her ability. She learns to keep a distance from sleepers, as proximity will affect her connection to their dreams.

All of this changes when Janie shares the dream of Cabel, a boy from school. Cabel dreams about a monster, a man with knives for fingers lurking in his backyard. Janie experiences his dream as she usually does, but in this dream a second version of her is present. Cabel is dreaming about her. She watches as Cabel asks the dream-Janie for help. Janie has feelings for Cabel, and wants to help him overcome whatever real-life fear his subconscious is interpreting as a monster, but she cannot risk anyone finding out about her secret.

All of this fantasy is mixed seamlessly with a story about teenagers in high school, including the usual: parties, after school jobs, class trips, first loves, and rivalries. Throw in a twist at the end, and you get quite an intriguing story.

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