The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things, by Carolyn Mackler

TheEarthMyButtandotherBigRoundThingsMelissa shares this review:

The title caught my eye — how could you not pick up this book to see what it’s about? I was delighted to find the story inside engaging and clever.

The Earth… is a Young Adult novel about Virginia Shreves, the youngest daughter in a seemingly perfect family, though Virginia doesn’t think she’s so perfect.

She writes:

“I know that my beautiful, slim, brown-haired family wonders how they wound up with a daughter who has dishwater blond hair, pale blue eyes, a roundish face, and a larger-than-average body.”

Virginia’s not popular like her older brother who is still drooled over at the high school. She’s a little shy. Virginia’s not adventurous like her sister who has just started a two-year stint in the Peace Corps. She prefers to hang out with her one and only best friend.

This year is particularly tough because Virginia’s best friend temporarily moved to Washington so her dad could write a book. Virginia is on her own — and spends a lot of time in the bathroom waiting for lunch to finish so she can disappear in class.

When her brother gets suspended from college for a pretty awful crime, Virginia has to reevaluate where she’s placed her values – is the brother she idolized really the great guy everyone thinks he is? And is her mom, who writes books about successfully communicating with teenagers, really interested in communicating with her?

In the process of working all this out, Virginia realizes she has her own strengths and charms. And out of her entire “perfect” family, she’s the one you’ll feel has the best chance of actually making a true success of her life.

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