Everlost, by Neal Shusterman

everlostJennifer D. shares this review:

Most everyone, at some point in his or her life, ponders the question of what happens after death. Everlost provides an interesting answer, in the form of a world that exists between life and death. As the story begins, Allie and Nick wake up dead. Nine months have passed since the car crash that killed them, and they are now inhabitants of Everlost, a place for those who got lost on their way into the light. Upon waking, they are befriended by another lost soul whom they name Lief, as he has forgotten the name he had in life. Lief knows the rules of Everlost, and he helps Allie and Nick begin to acclimate to their new existence.

Soon, however, Allie and Nick decide to try to return to their homes, despite Lief’s assurances that it would be a mistake to attempt to do so. There are parts of the Earth in Everlost, where the ground is not solid. Standing still in such places for too long will cause you to sink into the earth, perhaps all the way to the Earth’s core. Allie and Nick construct a solution to this problem, but there are other dangers to avoid as well. A monster, known only as the McGill, is a constant threat and his name strikes fear into all who live in Everlost.

In their travels, Allie and Nick encounter friends, foes, dangers, and monsters (those both obvious in appearance, and some unexpected). Everlost is highly entertaining, and certain mysteries will keep you guessing throughout, as Allie and Nick learn more about this strange new existence. While the inhabitants of Everlost seem to exist in our world, they are sufficiently out of sync to prevent them from resuming the lives they led before their deaths. Their struggle to come to grips with this fact makes for a wonderful story. The world of Everlost, and Shusterman’s take on life after death are both very intriguing and highly entertaining.

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