Pendragon: The Merchant of Death, by D.J. MacHale

pendragonMelissa shares this review:

Bobby Pendragon is a typical 14-year-old boy. Well, sort-of. On the night of the big semi-final basketball game, right after he gets kissed by the coolest girl he knows, his Uncle Press shows up and tells Bobby he needs to come with him — he needs his help. Uncle Press looks so serious that Bobby goes with him without getting answers to his question — WHY?

The answer to that question sets the stage for MacHale’s Pendragon series.

Bobby finds out he and his uncle are Travelers — part of an elite group of people who have the ability to travel between different times and places (called territories) by hidden flumes. The Travelers’ main job seems to be to keep the bad guy, Saint Dane, from destroying worlds and creating chaos. But in keeping order, the Travelers have to be careful not to alter history by wearing clothes or using technology that wouldn’t be native to the territory they visit.

Bobby’s adventure in The Merchant of Death takes place in the territory of Denduron. Bobby thinks his job is to help the slave-like Milago tribe gain their independence from the wealthy Bedoowans. Or is that playing directly into Saint Dane’s evil plans?

The book bounces between Denduron and our Earth — where Bobby’s friends are trying to find out what happened ever since he disappeared on the night of the big game.

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