Frozen Fire, by Tim Bowler

frozen-fireJennifer D. shares this review:

What would you do if a strange boy phoned your home late at night and told you that he was dying? Well, if you’re Dusty, you keep him on the line, and keep him talking. The boy seems to know too much about Dusty. He comes very close to guessing her name, tells her to call him Josh (her missing brother’s name), and uses the nickname that Dusty’s brother had for her. Dusty believes that this boy has information about her brother’s whereabouts and, after determining where he is calling from; she heads out into the snow to find him, hopefully still alive.

This one phone call leads Dusty into an odd situation. The boy is nowhere to be found, and he is being hunted by three men, who believe Dusty is friends with the boy. They attack her, but Dusty manages to make her way home unharmed. Over the course of the next few days, Dusty receives more odd phone calls from the boy, this time on her cell phone, and she hears that a suspicious boy has been seen around town. Then the police come around asking about Dusty’s communications with the boy.

Just who is this boy, and what do the police want with him? How does he seem to know so much about Dusty, and does he know what happened to her brother? Nothing in this story is what it seems, and while the ending provides a bit of closure, there are still questions left unanswered. That does not keep this from being a great story, however, and a great mystery. It is a young adult novel with suspense, drama, a touch of the supernatural, and a bit of an edge.

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