Tigerheart, by Peter David

tigerheartNeil shares this review:

Peter David is one of the great journeyman writers. Although he’s never had a major breakout hit, he’s written fun and popular books for years. Everything from Star Trek novels to graphic novels such as The Hulk, adaptations of Stephen King’s Dark Tower, Iron Man, and Spider-Man, from young adult novels to his punny epic fantasies about Sir Apropos of Nothing to his re-visiting of Arthurian legends in modern day New York, starting with Knight Life.

Now, he is turning his attentions to the Peter Pan legend in a new young adult novel, Tigerheart. It might be his best work yet.

David adds a new character, Paul Dear, a London boy whose idyllic childhood, filled with his father’s stories, is curtailed by his little sister’s disappearance. His mother splits with his father and tells Paul it’s time to quit fantasizing and grow up. But Paul can’t quite let go of his dreamworld adventures with a powerful white tiger, stories of The Boy (Peter Pan), or the world of the Anyplace. With help from Fiddlefix (Tinkerbell), he goes there in search of a new sister. Soon he finds himself in mortal battle with Captain Hack’s surviving sibling, both aided and frustrated by The Boy.

David makes many clever twists on the legend by taking the fundamental traits of his characters–The Boy’s optimism, selfishness, and brashness, Gwenny’s (Wendy’s) mothering instincts, the evil of the pirates, and so on–to their logical conclusions. This is a fast-reading book that can be enjoyed on different levels by both adults and young readers, a fitting homage to a classic.

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