Darkside, by Tom Becker

darksideJennifer D. shares this review:

Many cities in the world have a dark underbelly. In Tom Becker’s novel, that underbelly has a name – Darkside – and Jonathan Starling is about to learn of its existence. Single father Alain Starling is vigilant about keeping his study door locked, but when he experiences one of his “darkenings” (Alain’s name for his occasional lapses in mental health) his son Jonathan finds the room unlocked for the first time. Inside, Jonathan finds his father’s research, which contains clues to a world that exists within London, yet apart from it. Jonathan finds further evidence of Darkside in the British Library, and meets a strange woman there named Marianne who also seems to have knowledge of Darkside. Marianne is revealed not to have met Jonathan accidentally, but rather to have located him with a specific, dangerous purpose. It is time for Jonathan to take a trip to Darkside.

In Darkside, Jonathan meets friends and foes, and learns more information about his past than he ever dreamed. He even discovers the reason for his father’s darkenings. Jonathan also learns about Darkside itself. It has an incredible history tracing back to the reign of Queen Victoria, and the story of its creation is quite interesting. Darkside is the first in a series, and is followed by Lifeblood.

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