The Otherworldlies, by Jennifer Anne Kogler

the-otherworldliesJennifer D. shares this review:

Fern and Sam are twins, but they don’t look or act similar in any way (not that twins always do). Fern has some pretty distinctive traits that set her apart not only from Sam, but from the rest of her twelve-year-old peers. She is sensitive to sunlight, can predict the weather, hears voices, and can teleport. She discovers this last skill while sitting in her English class at St. Gregory’s wishing she were at her favorite spot, a beach off the Pacific Coast Highway called Pirate’s Cove. Fern is surprised to suddenly find herself there, and is even more surprised to find that she is not there alone. A man she meets on the beach, the epitome of a beach bum, calls Fern an “Unusual.”

“Unusuals,” “Otherworldlies,” “Rolens,” and “Blouts” are all terms which relate to the type of beings we would call vampires. And a vampire is exactly what Fern is revealed to be. What sets this book apart from other vampire novels is its vampire mythology. In this story, vampires are the descendants of the Greek gods. Groups of vampires with similar abilities are named after a particular god. Fern happens to be a Poseidon, which means she can manipulate water. You might think that all of this is enough to comprise the entire plot of The Otherworldlies, but there is much more to the story. We haven’t even gotten to the villain of the piece, yet. Here’s a hint—he calls himself Vlad.

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