Matched, by Ally Condie

matchedMelissa shares this review:

Where you work, where you live, what you eat, what you read, who you marry, when you die— everything is studied and planned in order to maintain the perfect society.

Cassia is thrilled when she is told that her selected match is none other than her best friend, Xander. But something unusual happened when she plugged in the microchip that was supposed to give her all the background information about Xander. The image of another boy she knows, Ky, appeared for a split second on her screen. Officials of the Society don’t make mistakes, so how did this happen? As Cassia tries to find out more about Ky, an orphan from the Outer Provinces, she risks her own safety and that of her family. But as she gets to know more about him, Cassia is determined that Ky is her perfect match. Maybe the Society doesn’t know what’s best for everyone. What other lies have they told?

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