Delirium, by Lauren Oliver

Melissa shares this review:

In Delirium, love is a disease called “amor deliria nervosa.” According to the Safety, Health, and Happiness Handbook (or The Book of Shhh) it is something to be feared more than anything else. To catch amor deliria is to lose control, to forget to eat, sleep, or work. It even drives some people to madness. That’s why Lena can’t wait to have the procedure that cures people. She just has to wait a few months until her 18th birthday to be free from pain or fear. She’s actually looking forward to having the procedure… until she falls in love. Alex is living in Portland, attending university, and pretending to be cured. He and Lena seem to meet by chance and as they get to know one another, they fall in love. As the days count down to her procedure, Lena is more and more certain that she doesn’t want to live in the same dull fog as those who have been cured. She and Alex make plans to escape, but the police are very watchful of those trying to break the rules. Can’t give away the ending, but, make sure to check out the sequel, Pandemonium.

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